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2021-08-22 16:14

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Interested in exploring the most popular tools and skills for Data Analysts today, register through our mini program today.


1. 用 Tableau 数据化(6小时)

学会使用世界上最流行的数据可视化工具 Tableau 对数据进行整理、组织和可视化。

2. 用 SQL 查询数据库(6小时)

理解数据库,掌握如何建立SQL 查询。

3. 用 Python 分析数据(6小时)

掌握基础的Python知识,用Numpy 和 Panda 进行基础的分析。

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                 What You'll Learn

1. Data Visualization with Tableau (6 hrs)

Be able to clean, organize, and visualize data in an effective way using the world's most popular data visualization tool: Tableau.

2. Querying Databases with SQL (6 hrs)

Understand what is a database and be able to create simple but effective SQL queries.

3. Analyzing Data with Python (6 hrs)

Learn the basics of python while making basic analysis with libraries like NumPy and Pandas.

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20 多个小时的课程内容。包括录制的视频、演练、测验和挑战。

12 小时以上的现场专家指导。每周两次与同学合作完成课程项目,获得导师实时指导,并回答任何与内容相关的问题。


终身访问 Slack 以及微信社群。与我们在中国各地参与了数据科学入门短期课程的学生和导师社群进行联结。

正式职业证书。获得官方职业技能证书,你可以将其添加到简历、LinkedIn 或个人资料中。

全额 100% 学费抵扣。报名参加我们的全栈网页开发或数据科学训练营,我们将从你的训练营学费中扣除此短期课程的费用。

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What You Get

What's included when you register for our upcoming Introduction to Data Science course?

20+ Hours of Course Content. Includes recorded videos, walkthroughs, quizzes, and challenges.

12+ Hours of Live Expert Guidance. Team up with your classmates twice a week to complete course projects, get real-time guidance, and have any content-related questions answered.

Project Grading and Feedback. Get feedback from instructors and understand how to accelerate your learning.

Lifetime Access to Slack Community. Connect with our community of students and instructors around China who have enrolled in the Introduction to Data Science course.

Official Certificate of Completion. Receive an official certificate of completion that you can add to your resume, LinkedIn, or personal profile.

100% Discount on Bootcamps. Enroll in our Web Development or Data Science bootcamps and we'll deduct this Short Course's fee from your bootcamp tuition.

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