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Maggie had a bachelor’s degree in engineering and a master’s degree in design when she started looking for a job, but those two degrees didn’t exempt her from the age-old dilemma of job hunting: how to convince an employer that you are capable of the job when you have no experience at all?


Maggie had always wanted to study design, so she applied for a Product Design master’s program after graduating from college. "I can’t quite put my fingers on why I wanted to study design. I think it was initially because … it just sounded cool to say, 'I am a designer'? But as I got more into it, I learned that design isn’t about being cool. Design is about getting to know other people’s struggles and finding an elegant solution to solve their problems. It is, above all, about serving others. It sounds so cliché, but I always remember the moment when I put a prototype in other people’s hands, and the way it made them smile." She realized that there was a reason for the hard work she had to put in.

Maggie一直想学设计,大学毕业申请硕士时,她义无反顾地选择了产品设计专业。“其实我也不太明白为什么对学设计有执念,可能最初是因为‘设计师’听起来就很酷吧。随着学习的深入,我才逐渐理解做设计并不是为了‘酷’,而是为了去理解别人生活上的痛点,找出一个得体的解决方案。设计的终极目标就是服务于人。虽然说起来比较矫情,但我永远忘不了看着人们手握产品雏形时喜悦之情溢于言表的情景。” 她找到了努力前行的源动力

Maggie is working remotely

Feeling all enlightened and inspired, she still struggled to find a place where she could live by those principles. The only real-world projects she had worked on were a couple of graphic design exercises that she did for fun in college, so she found a job as a graphic designer. "Even though I didn’t enjoy my college education as much as I’d like to, I still want to make the most of it. I want to find a place where I get to use my programming skills and design skills at the same time."


And that’s when she started looking into front-end development. She started taking courses online, and built a few small front-end projects by herself, but she felt that learning about the entire web development process and working within a team would help her build a more convincing profile. She came across a Le Wagon free workshop and researched the curriculum of the Full-time Web Development Bootcamp, and decided that it was exactly what she needed.

从那时起,Maggie开始研究前端开发。她在网上自学课程,自己也会做一些小型的前端项目,但她觉得了解整个网络产品的开发过程和有在团队中工作的经历,才能帮助她具备更强的专业能力。她偶然参加了Le Wagon的线下工坊,仔细了解了全日制网络产品训练营的课程,确定这就是她想学的课程。

*The final project from Maggie's at Le Wagon's Web Development Bootcamp 2019: a collection of short tutorials that help senior understand everyday tech products.


On the Demo Day of the 9-week bootcamp, Maggie’s team presented their final project, and Maggie was surprised to receive a job offer on the spot. The owner of a small software company reached out to her after their presentation and asked, “I like your work. Do you want to do an internship with us?”


Maggie and her team at Batch #333's Demo Day

“I will be grateful for this moment forever.” Maggie says, “It takes a lot of courage to put trust in someone you know little about. And I’m glad that Le Wagon has given me an opportunity to showcase my skills to an audience and made it possible for me to be discovered.”

“对这一刻我将永远心存感激”, Maggie说,“信任一个你知之甚少的人的确需要相当大的勇气。Le Wagon给了我展示自己能力的机会,才让我有可能被发现。”

Maggie is working remotely

Le Wagon and the internship have helped Maggie get started as a developer. She is now working as a front-end developer at Autodesk, and she continues to work on various personal and freelance projects in her free time.

Le Wagon的学习经历和实习工作帮助Maggie开启了作为开发者的职业生涯。现在,Maggie是Autodesk的前端开发人员,并在空闲时间以独立开发者的身份做自己喜欢的产品。

Looking back on this journey, Maggie thinks of Le Wagon as “the missing piece of the puzzle”.

回想这段求职之路,Maggie认为Le Wagon是她“拼图中缺失的一块”。

"I’d like to think that my engineering education set a good foundation for my career path, but something was missing. We were so disconnected from the real world that we didn’t know why we were doing, what we were doing, and what skills were in demand in the industry. I think studying design helped me answer the 'why' from a new perspective, and Le Wagon helped me answer the 'what' by allowing me to try out those skills in a real project. "

“在大学里受到的工程方面的训练为我的职业生涯奠定了坚实的基础,但我总觉得缺了点什么。学校与现实世界之间的脱节让我无从追问为什么要学,也不知道为了未来需要学些什么。学设计的经历帮助我从新的视角回答了‘为什么’,而在Le Wagon的经历真正回答了我‘学什么’,并给了我学以致用的机会。”


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