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On this special day, you may be scanning on your dating apps, swiping, looking for meeting up with new people. Unsuprisingly, you are caught up to swipe more matches instead of getting a real off-line date. Feeling draining and confused, you think maybe it's better to delect the app.

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Dating apps changed the way we meet each other. Distance is no longer a problem and you can meet and reach out to a total stranger effortlessly. Full of choices, we still find it challenging to find the most compatible partner. It takes time and patience even with all we have on dating apps.

Tinder 的创始人之一 Cliff Kushler 发明的左右滑的功能,这个交互功能的发明一经面世就的得到了广泛的应用和传播,充分利用了人们喜欢给第一印象打分的直觉反应。但是这个第一秒的快速的判断是准确的吗?

The swiping itself replicates the intuitive nature of human beings, though convenient, still lacks accuracy in the judgement. This feature, when invented by the cofounder of Tinder, Cliff Kushler, was widely adopted and spreaded.


But have you noticed that like many other apps and games, it's actually making you addictive because of the immediate reward! In the end, you are only swiping for more rewards/matches. Talking and working towards meeting up organically becomes an another story.


But it doesn't lose its charm among young people. More people are using it globally and more dating products are released with different designs and algorithms. The success rate of finding a long-term relationship on dating apps has increased and the old stigmas are gone.

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全球的疫情影响,约会软件热度似乎又迎来一次新高。Bumble 几乎一半的用户都是初出茅庐的单身人士(“New Dawn Daters”)。他们因为疫情原因刚刚经历分手重新闯进约会市场。Bumble等社交软件当然很欢迎后浪拍打前浪,但是你有没有想过打造一款你想要的约会软件?用你的想法改变一下现在的约会现状?这个想法或许现在微不足道,但是一定是对你有意义的,也有可能是对其他陷入约会烦恼中的男女们有意义的约会关键突破点。

Under the influence of pandemic, it seems that people are coming back to dating apps.

Bumble says that 46 percent of users on Bumble were "New Dawn Daters", a term used to represent newly single after experiencing a break-up during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Old dating apps are excited to have them but have you thought about inventing a new dating app? In the US, 30% of the adults have used dating apps, but how about the rest of them? Ever thought about how you can reach out to the rest of the population using technology?

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数据科学家和产品设计师们也在考虑怎么能让自己的用户在使用这些产品的时候,体验感更加棒一些?能让匹配的成功率更加高一些比如 Bumble 上就只有女生可以先开始对话,如果女生对这个配对对象不感兴趣,她可以决定不开始对话,那么这个匹配就会在24小时内失效。

Data Scientists and Product Designers are thinking about the same thing. They all know that a small change in a dating app can make a big difference in the overall experience for the users. For example, Bumble is known as the app that only lets women message first. Not like Tinder, on Bumble the match drops out if the woman decides not to go further.


还有数据科学家打造了100%数据导向的配对,使用人工智能和机器学习来帮助用户找到最合适的对象。Hinge 认为如果奈飞和亚马逊能够猜测出用户的喜好,那为什么约会软件不能?所以他们为那些对左滑右滑感到疲倦的人打造了基于数据,机器学习的配对软件。我们数据科学训练营的学生也在为此出谋划策,打造了他们的产品 Persi

Data scientists are also looking for a more efficient dating product that is based on data and machine learning. Hinge, for example, found that only 1 in 500 swipes on its platform led to an exchange of phone numbers.

If Amazon can recommend products and Netflix can provide movie suggestions, why can’t online dating services harness the power of data to help users find optimal matches?

The idea of data-drive dating app has also been applied in our Data Science Bootcamp. Here comes the dating service Persi invented by our alumni.

我们的数据科学课程介绍产品背后的数据运行机制。数据可以帮助我们打造更棒的产品,建模,帮助个体或是企业做更好的决策,给出更好的预测或是建议我们上一个数据科学的课程的产品展示日就有学生打造了一个约会软件 Persi

Our courses in Data Science teach you how data works behind the product. We build apps that consume data and use the data to build modules, give better recommendations and predictions. On our last demo day of the Data Science Course at Le Wagon, one of the teams actually built a dating app that gives users recommendations on how to talk to certain people.

这个软件通过分析对象的短信,图片等信息,找到这个人的 MBTI 性格分类,并且根据对象的性格给出约会建议,告诉用户怎样去和这类人交流。这个技术也可以运用在客服,支持,市场岗位,或是日常沟通中。

The app takes the person's text, pictures and defines the MBTI personality based on those data.This can be applied in various fields such as customer services, marketing, or just improve the general communication among people.

Persi 团队在le wagon的demo day展示他们的约会软件
Persi team presenting their dating app project at le wagon demo day

来 Le Wagon 学习的校友们和在阅读的你一样,有一些大的小的想法,Le Wagon 就是一个能让这些想法变为现实的地方。如果你对约会软件有想法,对周围的人感兴趣,那你也一定很想帮他们解决大小的约会烦恼或是难题,科技可以带来一点小小的改变。我们开展数据,产品,网页开发课程和活动,适合科技小白。最后祝大家有一个愉快的情人节,当疫情结束,希望你也能如约见到自己的有情人。

If you have ideas to help and improve the dating app environment, you can do that by learning more about how those roles are playing out in the tech company and start to ask some really simple questions, such as how dating apps use our data. Le Wagon is a rookie friendly community that helps you find a way in product development, data science and technology in general. We offer courses and events that's suitable for newcomers and old friends. We hope everyone has a great valentine's day with their loved ones including with yourself. May all the loved ones reunite when the world recovers from the aftermath of the pandemic. :)


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